KS Kolbenschmidt Czech Republic, a. s.

KS Kolbenschmidt Czech Republic, a.s. is the largest European manufacturer of pistons within the Rheinmetall Automotive Division for gasoline and diesel engines and compressors, employing around 940 workers and with annual production exceeding ten million units.

Following the post-revolution independence and denationalisation of Czechoslovakia in 1992, the company became part of the Rheinmetall Group, which - with a focus on the automotive industry - is an important global supplier with more than 40 production plants in Europe, North and South America, China, India and Japan, and employing over 11,000 workers.


Founded: 1919

Employees: 940

Důlni 362
400 04 Trmice
Czech Republic
Phone: +420 475 303 111Fax: +420 475 620 455cz.rheinmetall-automotive.com


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You can assist in creating the high-quality and effective products expected by our customers. A wide range of job positions cover the full range from manual through administrative and technical professions, all the way to management positions, as well as jobs for graduates and students. (We offer cooperation on theses, work experience for high school and university students, scholarship programmes and paid internships.)

Focus on the customer, employee, executive process, communication and security are the key aspects of the corporate culture in which the worker is a part of a team that forms an operating and growing unit. The exceptional employee benefits are not only for the elite - they are commonplace!


  • About KS Kolbenschmidt Czech Republic

    The history of the company dates back further than the 1920s. In the 1930s, the company was one of the main producers of pistons for the Škoda and Tatra manufacturing plants.

    As the company became part of the Rheinmetall Group in 1992, this merger led to a sharp rise in production and the introduction of the quality certification ISO 16949, followed by the environment management certification ISO 14001 in tandem with a process of continuous restructuring and the acquisition of several important customers.

    The next future milestone is the planned serial production of steel pistons, projected to begin in 2018.

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KS Kolbenschmidt Czech Republic, a. s.

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KS Kolbenschmidt Czech Republic, a. s.

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KS Kolbenschmidt Czech Republic, a. s.

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