KS CZ Motorservice s.r.o.

KS CZ Motorservice s.r.o. specializes in the small-scale production of pistons for the aftermarket. The company is part of Rheinmetall Automotive AG, a worldwide significant automotive supplier with about 11,000 employees at more than 40 locations in Europe, the Americas, China, India, and Japan.

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Founded: 2015

Employees: 72

Smetanova 716
403 17 Chabařovice
Czech Republic
Phone: +420 (0) 473 030 814cz.rheinmetall-automotive.com


There's a place for you right here. Everything is prepared: Exciting projects are in the pipeline and the team is looking forward to meet you.

We've reserved a place for you

Become a part of the KS CZ Motorservice s.r.o. team, and help to define the quality, mobility and security of the automotive industry!

You can assist in creating the high-quality and effective products expected by our customers. A wide range of job positions cover the full range from manual through administrative and technical professions, all the way to management positions, as well as jobs for graduates and students. (We offer cooperation on theses, work experience for high school and university students, scholarship programmes and paid internships.)

Focus on the customer, employee, executive process, communication and security are the key aspects of the corporate culture in which the worker is a part of a team that forms an operating and growing unit. The exceptional employee benefits are not only for the elite - they are commonplace!


  • About KS CZ Motorservice s.r.o.

    KS Motorservice CZ s.r.o. is an emergent and growing company specialising in the small-scale production of a wide range of pistons. Its structure allows the production of complete pistons developed by leading manufacturers.

    The entire manufacturing process up to the final product ready for shipment requires a high-quality, flexible and well-organised structure, allowing our products to best meet the individual requirements of our customers.

    In this respect, the aim of the company is to fill the existing gaps in the market with pistons which other manufacturers are unable to cover. With its combination of technical expertise and flexible organisation of the manufacturing process, the company provides the exemplary level of service expected from Motorservice.

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KS CZ Motorservice s.r.o.

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